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live for Africa


We believe everyone deserves the chance to reach their full potential and we are committed to tearing down the barriers stopping them.

Our Vision

Live for Africa

We envision a world without limits. This means everyone has control over their lives, can pursue their dreams, contribute to the society, have a voice, access to basic life amenities, quality education and will treated in such a way that their value is recognized without anyone playing down on their worth.

Our Mission

To touch as many lives as we can, eradicate poverty, hunger, inequality and amplify the voice of the underrepresented and remove barriers preventing people from reaching their full potential. This is how we can can create a world without limits for everyone.

Live for Africa

We invest in building the capacity of the community, harnessing local resources both human and material, and tailoring them in the most cost-effective way to solve problems. Community participation is therefore essential to us to secure the sustainability of our projects. It helps us carry everyone along and gives them a sense of belonging and participation in providing solutions to their challenges.

We understand the essential role people and partnership plays in enabling us to achieve our targets. We, therefore, respect our differences, thrive in our diversity, and leverage our collective intelligence in delivering our commitment to improving the quality of life for every individual.

We believe huge impacts can come from small novel ideas; this is why we foster innovation in our organizations through the cross- pollination of ideas from within and outside the organization used to develop new strategies or modify existing ones. We are highly adaptable and openly embrace changes.

We are highly dedicated to delivering our mission to give women and children the opportunity to reach their highest potential. We constantly set high goals and are committed to achieving them.

We utilize our resources in the most cost-effective way to achieve measurable results while remaining open and accountable to our supporters, donors, partners, and the world at large.

Our Team

Live for Africa

Rejoice Azodo


Live for Africa

Abdul Idris

Program Coordinator

Barr. Chinwe Ajaebili

Legal Counsel

Live for Africa

Vianney Mobelus

Strategy and Innovation Manager

Live for Africa

Blessing Ezirim

Public Health Officer

Chinwendu Uzoma

Project Coordinator (Women and Girls)

Why Choose Us

Our solutions could be a project, an initiative, a campaign or cutting edge idea through which we address the identified needs, creates positive impact and achieves our desired outcomes. This culminates to promise delivered for a better life for all.

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