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We have experienced flooding on so many levels in the past years, but this one is the mother of all floods. About 13 States including, Anambra, kogi, Bayelsa, Benue, Rivers, Delta, Adamawa, Niger, Kaduna, Nasarawa, Jigawa etc have been severely affected the by flooding. While some states have it mild, Some states have it worse with the flood sweeping away homes, sabotaging the economy, ruining properties and lives while leaving a lot of people displaced.

Reports by NEMA indicate that over 600 lives have been lost to the flood; over 2,400 people are injured; about 1,302, 589 people have been displaced and Over 2.5 million people have been affected one way or the other.

The victims of this flooding are severely affected as many have lost farmlands and their source of livelihood and are barely trying to survive. This begs the need for immediate help to be sent to them. Here are few a ways we can help the victims of flooding in Nigeria:

Lend your Voice:
one way to help these victims is to help them call for help however we can; Reach Out to International bodies & NGOs, share the news on our social media platforms and advocate for their rescue.

Provide Relief Materials to them
While we wait for rescue to come to them, are we have to help sustain them. A lot of them have Lost every single thing they ever had and are in dire need of the basic amenities such as: food, toiletries, shelter, utensils, medications, etc

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